July 16th, 2012

Welcome to everyone who stopped by to see me and Kel at San Diego Comic-Con! For now I have strange filler, though. BY POPULAR DEMAND.

For those of you who might not know what's going on, I used to post quick drawings of random chubby animals when I was late for Today Nothing Happened updates. I didn't have any time this week for comicking, so when someone requested I do the same with the aberrant monsters of Runewriters... I really couldn't resist.

There are, in fact, specific different kinds, some more common than others, including one of them you haven't seen yet! SNEAK PEEKS ALL AROUND~!

I had a blast at the Con, but for now it is time for sleep and rest. I'll see you guys next week with a new page!

Comment by Ryorin

Am I the only one who wants to see T-shirts of these?


posted at 5:52pm on July 16th, 2012

Reply by reynard61



posted at 9:21pm on July 17th, 2012

Comment by ShinyHappyGoth

Such adorable monstrosities


posted at 5:55pm on July 16th, 2012

Comment by Meggyc

The hellhound one is adorable. And the facestealer one looks like something I've seen in someone's fridge. If you see fat aberrants in your fridge, it's time to clean it out. Seriously. Also, I didn't think it was possible to make something made predominately of bones look fat, but you've done it!

Glad you had a good time at Comic-Con.


posted at 7:10pm on July 16th, 2012

Reply by Rachel

Seconding these sentiments and also continuing: I didn't know it was possible to make something made of crackling ENERGY look fat either. XD


posted at 8:36pm on July 16th, 2012

Comment by rainycity1


(btw speaking of fat watnots, we're waiting patiently for your coloring books out here in the interwebbernet...)


posted at 8:45pm on July 16th, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

I'm super excited to get them online, but keep that patience handy, 'cause the online release date of "sometime in August" still stands. :")


posted at 10:51am on July 17th, 2012

Comment by Asterai

Sooooo. I can't help but notice these line up really well with the kinds of runewriters we've seen before.

Just sayin'.


posted at 8:47pm on July 16th, 2012

Comment by Glew

You are fascinating.


posted at 1:42pm on July 18th, 2012

Comment by Tama-chan

I really really REALLY wish I could have gone to comic-con, but we just didn't have enough money after my dad left. Hopefully I'll get to go next year though! You be there? *puppy eyes*


posted at 8:15pm on July 18th, 2012

Comment by Persephone

I miss seeing comics about Boo! And Pudding, too! Especially the chubby fairy picture. óż


posted at 10:52pm on July 19th, 2012

Comment by Riverfox237

So is it that essentially there is an aberrant for each type of runewriting magic? That would make sense. I don't know how much from this comic is based on D&D and how much you're making up yourself, truthfully, so feel free to fill me in! =D (I've never really played the game, although I've vaguely heard of aberrants maybe? Unless that is another thing you made up. See, I am clueless.) But it doesn't really matter because the comic is pretty awesome either way. ^^


posted at 10:21pm on October 23rd, 2012

Reply by Shazzbaa

It's actually not based on D&D at all! In college, my good friend Josh was working on building his own tabletop roleplaying game, and he's the one who came up with the idea of writing runes to create spells, and if you rolled poorly the spell would cast incorrectly. I was hugely inspired by that, as well as a random idea that I'd had about runewriting being an imperfect art where you have to experiment to figure out new spells, and that's when this story slowly took shape! Other than the notion of runewriting that Josh invented, everything else in the world is pretty much my own creation. :")

D&D does in fact have a type of creatures called "aberrations," though they have very little to do with the aberrants of Runewriters other than the fact that both are considered unnatural even in a fantasy world.


posted at 11:23pm on October 24th, 2012

Reply by Riverfox237

Ohhhh! Well then, I apologize for my misconception! This is a super awesome world and made all the more so by knowing that you made it up yourself. =D I think the aberrants thing is what threw me off; I must have heard the term before, plus I think the friend who recommended this to me may have made some mention of D&D. I am quite pleased to know that I was wrong; original stuff is awesome. ^^ Keep up the great work!


posted at 2:21pm on October 25th, 2012

Comment by Shamus O'Tool

Wait... each kind o' aberrant is linked to a kind of runewritery (or maybe it's the other way round, whatevs!)?

Huh?! I just realised. A facestealer showed up in a town where a shape-shifty runewriter opperated, some hellhounds showed up not far from a town that an energybender guards, and a blood demon showed up in a life runewriter's graveyard... There is probably a connection here, but for the life of me I ain't seeing it.


posted at 9:04pm on October 24th, 2012

Reply by Riverfox237

Could just be that the specific types of aberrants are somewhat attracted to areas frequented by specific types of runewriters. This is an interesting thought, I didn't even pick up on that. I wonder if it DOES have a connection and just no one's every noticed it in their world?

You know what would be REALLY creepy? If the aberrants were even MORE CLOSELY related...i.e. possible runewriters that something...'happened to'.


posted at 4:44pm on October 30th, 2012

Comment by Wabbajack

These are somehow adorable(???), Shazz how is it that you can magically turn the horrific into the huggable? I don't think I'd have second thoughts about hugging a toy if it looked like one of these.

Also, I first misread Madghost as Radagast, and then as Madghast. I... my brain isn't working well today...


posted at 8:57am on October 20th, 2013

Comment by Thisfox

Now, this would have been useful to read in the comic, instead of in this random filler file. I'm beginning to understand how it all works.


posted at 6:26pm on November 13th, 2020

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