December 19th, 2011

Well this complicates matters.

Voting will let you see the process for this page - which gave me SO MUCH TROUBLE this time, oy.

Vote Incentive for This Comic.

Comment by Meggyc

There's something about the coloring/lighting on these past few pages that I really like. There's a bunch of different feelings I get from it. There's a somewhat old-fashioned sepia tone, some unnerving and hazy looking greens, and the reds in the last panel also seem somewhat sinister.

I love the tattoos on his hands. Little details like that are really nice. And I like the open spaces and backgrounds here.


posted at 8:12pm on December 20th, 2011

Reply by Shazzbaa

Oh man, thank you so much! I think for some reason the Order has really clicked with me as far as colour is concerned; I'm enjoying it a lot!

(I am also pretty impressed with your ability to spot every colour I used in setting the atmosphere here! xD CLEARLY YOUR COLOUR-SPYING SKILLS ARE SUPERIOR TO MINE)


posted at 1:08am on December 21st, 2011

Comment by Hoshi

It's great to see a walkthrough, though it only confirmed my first impression that most of the comic is simply hidden under those enormous speech bubbles. If you look at a page, all you see is the bubbles popping out. There's no actual need for them, a smaller fontsize would be perfectly enough and readable and it would free lots of space. Also the borders are pretty thick and they are the ones catching the eye instead of the actual pictures. I really like your style and I'm interested in the story, both are great I find it such a misfortune that you cover most of it with needless things :)


posted at 9:06pm on December 20th, 2011

Reply by Nziz

I like the dark borders; I feel like I'd confuse the panels otherwise with this level of color and detail.

And perhaps there's just a lot of conversation on this page?


posted at 10:26pm on December 20th, 2011

Reply by Shazzbaa

Oh, thanks for your feedback! Hmmm... I have a couple of thoughts! (hahaha, that means this will probably be long!)

I will start by saying that it's not a bad idea; I actually may try reducing the font size by a point in a page or two and see how it looks, though I do want to avoid shrinking it too much, so I'll see! :") Maybe next chapter would be a good point to test it.

But I think "the comic is hidden under speech bubbles" is very different from the way I look at it! The speech bubbles are part of the comic, and the art is very secondary to the story. In seeing the process, it's less the things that got "covered up" and more the parts of the room I designed and ended up not using.
It's similar to someone designing a movie set, and setting a bunch of props on a character's desk, and finding out later that the desk ended up being cropped out of every shot. It's just a little bit of extra design that didn't make it into the finished product, and it's interesting to see, but not necessary.

Runewriters was always meant to be a story more than an illustration. The ability to quickly distinguish panel borders and speech balloons isn't needless to me -- it's actually more important to me than eye-catching art, because those things help with the flow and timing of the comic! I am definitely still striving to improve on placing balloons and pacing dialogue, and sometimes I miss the mark, but I think in most cases, even when there's a lot of talking, nothing important is cut out of the art. The people are the most important thing in this particular story, so I prioritise them and the way they interact with each other. The art itself isn't the focus.... but, thanks for your kind words on that front all the same. I'm really happy to hear it's a detail you like. :")

Though, if you just like seeing the design that went into each page... well, that's what the vote incentive is for! :3


posted at 1:42am on December 21st, 2011

Reply by Hoshi

Looking back it was maybe a little too harsh to say "needless" things, but I think you understood what I meant :) After you explained your thinking it's more clear now why things are as they are, although for me the speech bubbles are the ones that sometimes confuse the line of reading, because they're hovering over the borders and I cannot make out where they belong.
But I cannot and don't want to tell you how to do things, I'll continue reading regardless of the format, just thought maybe I'd share my thoughts with you :) Keep up the good work!


posted at 2:37am on December 22nd, 2011

Comment by Brittany

Ohmygoodness! I'm so excited to see what's coming up. >u<

Also I'm going to jump on the bandwagon in regards to color. I've really loved how you've used color to convey atmosphere and mood so far particular with the order over the past few pages. In regards to your page layout, I personally like how you're handling it because it's easy to read and follow along with both image and text together. There have been a few web comics that I tried to read recently but found that I couldn't get too far into it because of readability issues.


posted at 2:06am on December 21st, 2011

Comment by Wabbajack

I was wondering, would one be able to handsign the "mysterious-things-they-aren't-allowed-to-say" or would their hands freeze in the air or something? That would be kinda cool, I admit.

By the way, when it switches to the Agorath Order, I get sinister Harry Potter vibes. The rest of it brings me back to Septimus Heap. :'D


posted at 10:53am on August 17th, 2013

Comment by RedLeaf

Oh Shazzbaa! Shazzbaa, I don't know if you read Widdershins, but there's a blond character there named Ben Thackerey that is pretty much Esra's long lost twin. ouo

(by the way I'm just Wabbajack, changed my internet name a while back)


posted at 6:02am on April 3rd, 2014

Comment by SotiCoto

Their "vows" sound exceedingly scary.


posted at 7:25am on March 9th, 2016

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